Monitoring trackerMonitoring involves physical examination of a Protected Property, e.g. walking through a woodland.  The "Sports Tracker" tracing shows a monitoring team's 2021 walk through two small properties conserved by easements donated by Jim and Maureen Buchwald in 2002 and 2003.  The nearest access is from Laymon Road via the Kokosing Gap Trail. 

From May 8 to 14, local birdwatchers recorded their observations along the length of the Kokosing Gap Trail (about 13 miles and including the Brown Family Environmental Center). One hundred ten different species of birds were noted on the citizen science app, EBird.

Ownership of land is a "bundle of rights." These include timber, mineral, hunting or fishing and water rights. An owner can separate and sell or give away each of the rights. Also, each of the rights can be separated and sold or given away as an easement. For example, a utility easement can be sold or given to a gas company for a gas line through a property. Such a utility easement would appear on the deed to the property and would remain with the property permanently even though the owner might subsequently sell the land.