Barbara Barry
Marion R. Brill 1
James and Maureen Buchwald **
Barry Buxton +
Alan and Traci Cassell **
John and Abbe Cheek
Kimberly Davidson and Richard Barker
William de Camp, Jr.
C.C. Porter and Patricia Donohoue
John and Gayle Dowalter
Daniel W. Galbraith *****2
Douglas and Susan Givens
Howard and Sarah Gratz
Carolin Hahnemann
Robert and Cornelia Hallinan
Irene Price Healea 3
Ray and Pat Heithaus
Bert and Susan Hendley
John and Donna Horn +
Janet L. Kohr 4
Emerson and Edie Laird
Brad and Melinda Lanker *
Bruce and Kathy Lanker ***
Bonnie and William Lawhon, Jr.
Mark and Pam Leonard
Norma Magers *
Robert L. McFarland 5
Robert and Elisabeth Meier
Ed and Fran Meyers
Charles and Julie Michelson
Brian Miller and Beverly Morse
Brian and Cindy Montgomery +
Jeffery L. Montgomery *
Richard and Nancy Montgomery ***+++
Doug and Beth Morgan
Greg and Vicki Mountz
Muskingum Valley Park District
L. Keith Plocki and Mary McManus
Joe and Sally Nelson
Marc and Jen Odenweller
Steve Oster
Philander Chase Conservancy *
Ken and Jan Reynolds
Harold A. Rine *
Heather Schooler and Steven Barr
Florence Short
W. Jerry Simpson *
John and Rebecca Simpson
Ann Stallard
Richard and Joan Stallard
Dennis and Tamara Swingle
John and Debbie Urton
Ian and Charlotte Watson
Dianna and Richard D. Wetzel, Jr.
Peter White
Anna and Stanley Williams+
S. Bruce Williams+
Jay M. Wilson *
John and Cyndi Woollam
Karen B. Wright
Gordon and Fran Yance

 Owl Creek Color Large


* One Conservation Easement (CE) donated in full or in part

+One Agricultural Easement donated in part (co-holder Ohio Department of Agriculture)

1 CE donated in memory of Patty Markee Brill

2 CE donated in memory of Mary Lucile Cooper Galbraith

3 Two CEs donated in memory of J. Warren Healea

4 CE donated in memory of Robert Duncan McKenzie

5 CE donated in memory of Georgia Z. and Robert O. McFarland


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