Stanley Williams signed an agricultural easement on his 182.5-acre farm in Milford Township in Knox  County early in February, 2022. 

Mr. Williams’ farm is in the Centerburg area and is primarily cropland in a rotation of corn and soybeans, with some wooded areas and pastures and a small pond.  All soils on the Williams farm are 100% prime.  Mr. Williams applied for funding through the Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program (LAEPP) in 2020.  The Owl Creek Conservancy is Knox County’s Local Sponsor for LAEPP, and the Conservancy and the Ohio Department of Agriculture are co-holders of the Williams easement.   Attorney Morgan Giles of Giles Law Group, LLC, helped the Conservancy navigate successfully through the necessary procedures and paperwork the State of Ohio requires.

The completion of the Williams easement brings the Conservancy’s number of total acres of land protected to 5,007.