Vicki K. Kauffman

Owl Creek Conservancy Hires for Newly Created Position - Executive Director

Knox County, Mount Vernon, Ohio - - February 2022

The Board of Trustees of the Owl Creek Conservancy is excited to announce the decision to hire Vicki K. Kauffman as the new Executive Director of the Conservancy, effective immediately.

Ms. Kauffman was selected from a list of over a dozen applicants last fall.  She has already been involved with the Conservancy for over 19 years, as consultant to the Board, and this selection will bring a depth of understanding of the organization, as well as historical knowledge of its development.  Vicki is a graduate of Central Ohio Technical College and coupled with her experience and background will allow for a smooth transition into this new position.

Vicki has already met with the Board as they outlined organizational goals for 2022 and is looking forward to the challenge of this newly created position.  Vicki says she is “excited to be working with the Conservancy in this new capacity and I’m looking forward to playing a larger role in land conservation in Knox County”.

Vicki is a life-long resident of Knox County and she and her husband of 26 years raised their two children here.  In her spare time is she is an avid non-fiction reader, enjoys gardening, and relaxing on their pontoon boat, while she also delights in the care of their chickens and dogs.  She loves a good home-improvement project, as well as refinishing old furniture. 

"Owl Creek Conservancy and our Board of Trustees are enthusiastic about this new direction for the organization as we continue to advance our vital efforts.  We have relied on a strong core of dedicated volunteers serving Knox County and surrounding counties for over 20 years and thus it is very satisfying to see this new planned growth and progress in the organization.”  said President Ray Heithaus, PhD. “We look forward to working closely with Vicki as we continue to expand our conservation initiatives and build and shape the future of local land preservation.”

The Owl Creek Conservancy is dedicated to promoting the quality of life in Knox County by conserving woodlands, farmland, scenic open land, waterways, wildlife habitat and other lands of natural and historic importance.  To date, we have conserved over 4,800 acres (over seven and a half square miles) of identified important land in Knox, Morrow, Muskingum and Richland counties, with 40 conservation easements. 

For more information on the Owl Creek Conservancy, please check our website, or call 740-392-6952