The Board of the Owl Creek Conservancy is pleased to welcome Bob Gunther, Harlow Walker and Curtis Bechtel to the 2024-2025 Board of Trustees.

We are excited to have these gentlemen join our team.  They each bring their own unique experiences and will be wonderful assets to Owl Creek Conservancy.  

Bob was born into a farming family and is a native of Minnesota.  He brings to the table many years of banking and insurance experience and has served on several boards throughout the years.  Currently, he serves as Secretary of the Rotary Club of Mount Vernon.  He now resides in Gambier with his lovely wife.  They both enjoy the many outdoor activities that Knox County has to offer.

Harlow is a former Marine and has been a private practice lawyer for over 30 years.  He, along with his wife, settled on a family farm here in Knox County and have planted over 10,000 hardwood and spruce trees on their land.  Together they enjoy spending time outside, traveling and spending time with their grandchildren.

Curtis was born and raised in Knox County and is a fifth-generation beef farmer.  He has served as president on several local boards and is currently a trustee for Pike Township where he resides.  Owl Creek Conservancy worked with Mr. Bechtel to preserve his farmland through an agricultural easement and became a Grantor in 2023.

To learn more about these amazing guys, head over to the bios section under the Board Members tab on our website.

Welcome!  We are thrilled to have you as part of Owl Creek Conservancy!