Pictured from Left to Right: Owl Creek Conservancy Grantor, Daniel Galbraith; Trustee, Jeff Wells; Vounteers, Greg Culbertson and Richard Barker; Trustee, Harry Itagaki and Volunteer, Bill Stanley

Owl Creek Conservancy helped keep Knox County beautiful by once again picking up litter along SR95 on December 14th, 2023.

The Conservancy adopted two miles of highway along one of our conservation easements.. This time we had a crew of 7 people picking up 7 bags of trash in about 45 minutes.  We were fortunate enough to see four Bald Eagles flying overhead in all their glory!  We can definitely notice a difference because each time we visit our section of SR95, there seems to be less and less trash.   If you are interested in particpating in our next event, we appreciate all volunteers over the age of 12 (ODOT's rule).

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts to be part of our next Adopt-a-Highway event. Hope to see you there!