OCC's Tower in Gambier

Community members joined Owl Creek at the Bladensburg Community Center to watch a flock of Chimney Swifts roost for the evening. 

Chimney Swifts spend their life airborne, except when roosting or on their nest.  Although they originally nested in natural sites such as caves and hollow trees of old-growth forests, Chimney Swifts now nest primarily in chimneys and other artificial sites with vertical surfaces and low light. The chimney at the Bladensburg Community Center has hosted nesting and migrating Chimney Swifts several seasons in a row and Owl Creek loves hosting this wonderful community event.

To help maintain the Chimney Swift population in Knox County, Owl Creek Conservancy built an artificial Swift Tower in 2022. The tower can be seen along the section of The Kokosing Gap Trail near Kenyon’s Brown Family Environmental Center in Gambier.

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