Meet Our Board Members

Ian 2Treasurer

Ian retired from The First-Knox National Bank at the age of fifty-eight, where he served as Senior Vice President and Trust Officer. After working with various estates over the years, he discovered how you can, in fact, “take it with you” and has used the ensuing years to hone his estate plan. He has served as Treasurer of a number of organizations in Knox County over the years, including Knox County Mental Health, Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County Endowment Fund, Kiwanis Club of Mount Vernon, the Knox County Chapter of Barbershoppers, and the Knox County Symphony. He is currently serving as Treasurer at the First Congregational Church as he has for over 30 of the last 40 years. He is the President of the Knox Community Hospital Board of Directors and is a board member of the Knox Community Hospital Foundation Board of Directors. Although technically not a native, as virtually all of his forebears began in Western Europe, he does claim deep roots, as one of his great-great grandfathers was born in Knox County November 9, 1818. As you may have noted, he is also sliding inexorably into studying genealogy…